Social project

Team «XaPC-2017. Made in USA» is a team of socially responsible people. We constantly support different children’s social projects. One of the branches — socio-psychological rehabilitation and support of children from different social institutions (orphanages, asylums, shelters), as well as children from families in crisis.

In 2016, charitable organization “Volunteers: Adults – to children” brought kids from their sponsored institutions to Kharkov Retro Slet-2017. Made in USA . The trip, the shiny cars, the huge amount of photo sessions, the attention of adults – this is not a complete list of what kids got.

Of course, the shuttle service (transfer) and snacks for kids are financed by the volunteers and the organizers of the Fest.

In 2017, during the Kharkiv Auto & Moto Retro Fest we really want to conduct tours led by the volunteers for kids from:

  • Kharkiv regional center of social and psychological rehabilitation for children “Nadezhda”;
  • Kharkiv regional center of social and psychological rehabilitation for children “Harmonia”;
  • Komarowskiy orphanage (for boys);
  • Kharkiv regional children’s clinical tuberculosis sanatorium;
  • Kharkiv regional children’s orthopedic sanatorium “Lesnoy”;
  • Rzhavetskiy neuropsychiatric asylum;
  • Children, whose families are in difficult circumstances, as well as graduates of social institutions.

Do you want to join our initiative?

It’s easy! Every person or organization can participate by transferring any amount of money to pay for transport, food or souvenirs for children.

In gratitude, the organizers of «XaPC-2017» are ready to give you the advertising space.

Bank details СhO “Volunteers Foundation: Adults – to Children”:
for legal entities:
settlement account 26006300623382
enterprise code 40585329
MFO 351823 in PJSC ” Oschadbank ”

Nonprofit organization
for individuals (to Victoria Tishchenko):
PJSC Privatbank – card number: 5168 7572 6355 6385
PJSC Oschadbank – card number: 4790 7000 0950 6305

Ukraine, 61202, Kharkiv,
Tel.: +38 (050) 911 88 21
+38 (097) 319 37 85


Our guests, members of the National Guard of Ukraine took part in these excursions, enjoyed the visit and expanded their horizons.

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